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Daniel A. Carter Inc.

Western New York and Pennsylvania’s leading accredited appraiser of fine antiques, estates, collections, guns, farm machinery, equipment, timber, real-estate, and businesses.

Dan has over 30+ years of experience in marketing and appraisal services, throughout NY/PA. This has given Dan the knowledge to accurately and fairly price assets in a fast changing world wide market. Our certified appraisals are in high demand, due to our experience and quick turnaround. Dan’s expert witness testimonies are widely recognized as an authority on appraisals and marketing throughout NY and PA. Our Appraisal and Consultant Services have been utilized by many Estate Attorneys – Banks – Divorce Litigations, Collateral and Business Asset Valuations; Dan was professionally trained at Missouri Auction School in St. Louis Missouri and is a Lifelong member of the Certifies Appraisal Guild of America. We appreciate your interests in Daniel A. Carter Auctions & Appraisals Inc.

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